(on form and artificial nails) + Hybrid manicure FOR FREE!

Duration: 3 days /6-8h daily

Price: 950zł net


First day:

  • General presentation of products
  • Anatomy, characteristics and description of natural nail plate
  • Scheme of extended nail (discussion about shape, showing zones of the nail which are exposed to breaking and air pockets)
  • Diseases of fingernails, contradictions to service: green bacteria, paronychia, itch
  • Dermatology, disinfection, sterilization ( disinfection of hands, nail file, clean place for service, sterilization of instruments which cause tearing of tissues, sanitary-epidemiological station requirements)
  • Reconstruction of nails: indications/contradictions: onycholysis, mechanical injuries (wounds, bleeding, tearing of natural nail plate with artificial) bitten nails by women and men
  • Description of equipment used to manicure ( discussion about auxiliary equipment, brands of SPA products, nail polish and nail conditioners)
  • Mechanical manicure/ SPA as the most often chosen service by customers – discussion about equipment and products + exercises (choosing tools and products, correct filing of nail, removal of cuticle, preparing nail plate to nail polishing
  • Polishing nails in 1 color
  • Technique which eases making French manicure
  • Detailed description of products used to nail art on artificial nails, differences between gels, III,II phase
  • Demonstration of sticking artificial clear and French nail, discussion about this method
  • Practical exercises: anatomy of gel nail, modeling of French nail with pink&white technique using building gels, embedding decorations in clear artificial nail
  • Technique of application and use of highly pigmented gel in French nail art
  • Correct filing of nail and creating a shape of a nail


Second day:

  • Detailed description of products used to modeling nail in templates; difference between application of self-leveling gel and construction gel
  • Demonstration and exercises (Extended French nails – we teach how to work with a gel which makes camouflage to regrowth ( cover), crystal nails, colorful French, correction, replenishment, renewal
  • Different shapes: square, almond, spitz (demonstration of stiletto), discussion and exercises from giving shape to nails in templates, correct filing of each shape of nails, smile shapes, optical extension of nail plate
  • Use of milling machine in nail art – removing nails, shortening, cleaningd, raising the tunnel


Third day:

  • Theoretical test: 40mins
  • Practical test: 2h


At the end of this training course student gets 2 certificates