ATTENTION! Painting natural nail plate with one color is in the price of pedicure service.


PEDICURE service is usually neglected and underestimated, especially in autumn-winter season. This is why I have made every effort diversifying it in such way to become important and more effective, creating UNUSUAL PEDICURE SPA ZONE.


The priority of my high quality pedicure service is to use up-to-date technology – a milling machine, which has displaced less professional equipment, such as pedicure plane cutter, hollow chisel and foot rasp. Its use in this service gives wide range of possibilities e.g. removing any feet imperfections such as: a corn, a callus etc. With the use of milling machine, the effect of pedicure service is immediate and long lasting. Moreover, it does not cause any discomfort during the treatment.



Feet bath in a foot softener + removing feet and toenails imperfections + application of toenails vitamin olive + application of nutritious Foot Balm


NEW!!! Gelish hybrid pedicure XXI century LED technology

Hit in nail art! This modern and fast service enables to extend the effect of nail polish even up to 5 weeks. To hybrid pedicure we use products of Gelish brand. These formulations combine the properties of nail polish and gel. Cured in only 10 seconds layer of these products does not chip off as usual nail polish, does not wear away, does not crack and contains of saturated, full of glow colors.

Using a special liquid, we reduce Gelish system in only 5 minutes!

ATTENTION! We have the biggest palette of the most fashionable colors of this season on the market!

I RECOMMEND IT ESPECIALLY to Women who are looking for the alternatives between usual manicure and hardening toenails, and to women who have busy life.



Feet bath in a foot softener + removing feet and toenails imperfections with the use of milling cutters for pedicure + application of toenails vitamin olive + application of nutritious Foot Balm
To diversify 2 kinds of pedicure described above, you can use “STEPS TO PERFECTION” adding any of them or choosing all of them. If you are not sure of your choice, ask pedicurist for help.



  • Step PEDICURE EFFERVESCENT TABLETS works antiseptic, bleaching, hydrating and releases pleasant smell during feet soaking
  • Step PEDICURE SEA SALT hydrates, softens and exfoliates dead skin, rich in marine minerals, smoothes and rebuilds lipid layer of the skin
  • Step “PEELING/SCRUB rich complex used to exfoliating, creating healthy and glowing skin, opens the pores and prepares skin for action of masks, balsams, olives etc.
  • Step MASK soothes and softens skin, ease the process of wound and scars healing, creates a barrier from external factors, makes skin deeply moisturized and in a good condition.
  • Step BUTTER FOOT CREAM firms and prevents aging skin, leaves long lasting feeling of smoothing, prevents drying and cracking of the skin
  • Step COOLING GEL cools and gives the feeling of lightness of feet, perfect for finishing the pedicure service in summer season



Pedicure nail art as manicure nail art gives wide range of possibilities, nevertheless some of them are not done due to too small space on the nail plate

These are the ones that I recommend ( detailed description and used products are in the manicure section)

  • Natural look
  • French 
- French cover – perfect to pedicure nail art
  • French natural look
  • French funny color
  • French GLAMOUR
  • 3D color
  • Swarovski®
  • Gelish hybrid pedicure