(French gel or nail polish of toenail in one color + hybrid pedicure)

Duration: 8h

Price: 500zł net


  • The anatomy of a fingernail, dermatology
  • Rules of hygiene, disinfection and sterilization
  • Description of equipment used for pedicure (work with milling machine)
  • Showing auxiliary products, SPA products, nail conditioners and nail polish
  • Correct filing and polishing of nails
  • Correct polishing of nails in red color
  • Demonstration + exercises: clipper pedicure, SPA products + paraffin service
  • Correct removal of the epidermis from proximal nail fold
  • Correct toenail polish – exercises
  • Demonstration of auxiliary products and products used to lasting toenail polish ( differences between colorful gels and hybrid nail polish)
  • Gel French pedicure in one color, hybrid pedicure demonstration + exercises


After this training course student gets 1 certificate