Attention! Nail polish in one color is in the price of manicure service.


Classic Manicure

Hand bath + removing growing cuticle with clipper + application of fingernail vitamin olives and nutritious balm


Biological Manicure

Hand bath+ removing growing cuticle with the aid of softening gel + application of fingernail vitamin olives and nutritious balm


Milling Machine Manicure

Removal of growing cuticle with the use of Manicure Milling Machine + removal of imperfections e.g. jagged edges, callus, dryout etc. + application of vitamin olives and nutritious balm

I RECOMMEND ESPECIALLY to Women with the tendency of jagged edges, soaking their hands very often in daily work.


Cold Manicure

CLASSIC manicure – look for the description + use of bowl to relaxing hydromassage

I RECOMMEND ESPECIALLY to all customers during hot days. The rising nice-smelling mist gives pleasant feeling of cooling relax.


Hot manicure

Use of bowl to hot manicure + use of lotion which under high temperature quickly penetrates into the skin and fingernails – nourishing with vitamins, softens cuticle causing easier removal of them

I RECOMMEND ESPECIALLY to Women with dry and cracked skin and with jagged edges. It is ideal in autumn-winter season as just after it to revive skin and fingernails. It is irreplaceable for women who in their work have contact with detergents or soak their hands often.


Natural glow Manicure 

Removal of growing cuticle, + smoothing of natural nail plate + application of vitamin olives + polishing nail plate and giving it maximum glow + application of nourishing balm

I RECOMMEND ESPECIALLY TO Women who appreciate natural manicure as the ones who have problems with peeling and brittle nails, but also to everyone who want to obtain the effect of naturally glowing healthy nails. Irreplaceable as a treatment after incorrectly done nail art and its removal.


Thermal Manicure

Application of nutritious lotion to thermal treatment + use of thermo-gloves, which thanks to heat influence on quick penetration of lotion into the skin (15minutes) + removal of growing cuticle + application of vitamin olives

I RECOMMEND ESPECIALLY to Women with very dry, cracked and inelastic skin. This treatment improves hand skin condition during autumn-winter season but also after it. It is ideal for the problem of frostbitten hands or for women who do winter sports.

Attention! This treatment gives possibility of bleaching pigmentation spots with the use of bleaching serum.


Paraffin Manicure

CLASSIC manicure (look for description) + application of cosmetics preparing for the treatment + paraffin bath, which provides a lot of nutrients influencing on ideal skin condition and additionally, when it congeals, it ‘soaks’ into the skin nutrients applied before treatment

I RECOMMEND ESPECIALLY to Women who want to regenerate, deeply grease and make skin elastic, prolong aging processes, lighten solar discoloration, soothe rheumatic pains of hand joints and just to relax. The spectacular result is visible after first treatment.


Japan manicure

Manicure service, which conquered Japan, custom, containing of 7 steps of application of special paste into the nail plate, it lasts for about 40mins., approximately every 2-3 weeks it is necessary to carry out its complement to keep the effect. This is the mothod which harden fingernails, giving them glow, nourishing in vitamins such as: A,E,H, B5 provitamin, creatine, bee pollen and silica from Japanese Sea. It stimulates blood flow, supports the growth of fingernails, hardens nail plate, prevents from exfoliating, peeling and breaking nails.

I RECOMMEND ESPECIALLY to all Ladies who appreciate clearly visible effect of healthy fingernails.


NEW!!! Gelish Hybrid Manicure, XXI century LED technology

Hit in nail art! This modern and fast service enables to extend the effect of nail polish even up to 5 weeks. To hybrid pedicure we use products of Gelish brand. These formulations combine the properties of nail polish and gel. Cured in only 10 seconds layer of these products does not chip off as usual nail polish, does not wear away, does not crack and contains of saturated, full of glow colors.
Using a special liquid, we reduce Gelish system in only 5 minutes!
ATTENTION! We have the biggest palette of the most fashionable colors of this season on the market!

I RECOMMEND IT ESPECIALLY to Women who are looking for the alternatives between usual manicure and hardening toenails, and to women who have busy life.



If your hands or feet has come through accidents, which has affected deformation of nail plate or their disappearance – I can reconstruct them choosing materials, which will perfectly suit with the natural color of nail plate.



Do you grapple with the problem of nail and skin biting for ages ? I can remedy this reconstructing bitten nails in invisible way. This method eliminates jagged edges and swelling which accompany this addiction.